Phoenix 2019

Christchurch’s annual LARP convention is back!


Like last year, we have booked the William Smith Complex of the Waipara Adventure Centre and the Steadfast Lodge. Floor plans of the areas, and a map of the complex will be uploaded to the event. Because we are at Waipara Adventure Center, the cost of the event covers accommodation in the Lodges. You will need to bring a sleeping bag or sheets, a pillow, towel and any blankets you think you might need. Spare gear will be available in a limited capacity if you are unable to bring your own or if you forget anything. If you need anything provided, please email

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$85 catered – $55 uncatered.  $5 discount for SAGA/NZLARPs Members, and a further discount for GMs and kitchen helpers. This cost covers acommodation in the cabins, or the cost of the van to come out each day.

23 August (5:00pm) – 25 August (6:00pm) 2019


Waipara Adventure Centre, 137 Darnley Road, Amberley


Welcome to the Neighbourhood – by Lee Patrick

You’re dead. And that’s fine!

At least, that’s what the cheerful sign you passed on the way in said. When it wasn’t somewhat alarmingly flickering in and out of existence.

To be perfectly honest, this isn’t the afterlife you were hoping for. Maybe you were expecting clouds and harps and cherubs; maybe you were expecting an endless party; maybe you weren’t expecting anything but nothingness. What you definitely weren’t expecting was bored, apathetic demons staffing a shoddy-looking neighbourhood that doesn’t seem like it’ll stay standing for the next two days, never mind the rest of eternity.

Something’s definitely not right here. And it’s up to you and your fellow deceased to put the pieces together and work out what’s really going on.

Game Submissions:

Game submissions have now closed. The timetable can be found here, and game blurbs here.

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