Phoenix 2021

UPDATE 2021-02-25: We are hoping to manage to run this event again this year, Covid will of course impact those chances.

Christchurch’s annual LARP convention is (hopefully) back in 2021! 27 – 29 August, 2021


Phoenix is Christchurch’s annual LARP Convention – a full weekend of one-shot Live-Action RolePlaying games.


We have rolled over our previous booking at the Waipara Adventure Center, if numbers don’t justify that location we’ll find somewhere in the city itself.

Date & Times:

The event opens on Friday 27 August, 6:00pm, and finishes Sunday 29 August, 6:00pm. There will be six sessions over the course of the event. You do not have to attend all of them if you cannot make it to the whole event or are not interested in playing during all sessions.


To be determined. If at the Adventure Center cost will likely be around $60 and cover accommodation for two nights and food for the weekend. If in the city we’ll likely not provide food or accommodation but cost will be much reduced to around $20.


Full details of games can be found here once they have been finalised.

Game Selection:

Player registration will be made live at some point in July if things go to plan.

Game Submissions:

Game submissions for Phoenix 2021 are open if you would like to submit

If you have any enquiries about the event, please email