Phoenix 2020 Game Blurbs

Friday Evening (6pm – 10pm)

Casual meetup and improv games

Instead of a regular game session we will have a casual meetup for everyone to socialise and for newcomers to get to know other players. We will play some improv and party games, or anything else people feel like playing. Attendees are welcome to bring their own games along to play.

Saturday Morning (10am – 1pm)

The Star of Bethlem

Facilitated and written by Lee Patrick

Three wise men went to Bethlem Asylum, following a holy star.

Three wise men went to Bethlem Asylum to find the new Messiah.

Three wise men went to Bethlem Asylum, to meet a madman, a liar, and the Son of God.

All that remains is deciding which one’s which.

Players: 6
Genre(s): Decision-making
Age Range: 16+
Content Warnings: None
Emotional Intensity: 4 – Mostly heavy, but room for some light moments

Vampires on a Train

Facilitated and written by Quentin Bourne

You are an ancient and powerful Vampire of great renown and prestige. You are travelling to VampireCon, a gathering held every fifty years in the town of Tumblewold. You are taking the overnight train (to protect your delicate complexion), and have booked a first class ticket, as befits your wealth and status.

Unfortunately, instead of a feast of upper class mortals, this train car is occupied by several other vampires who had the same idea, every single one of whom are ingrates and vagabonds.

Players: 6-12
Genre(s): Comedy
Age Range: Any
Content Warnings: Discussions of blood, gore, death
Emotional intensity: 1 – Very silly

Saturday Afternoon (2pm – 5pm)

Behind the Magic

Facilitated by Stuart Stoddart
Written by Randy Lubin

In Behind the Magic, you’ll create a fantasy mockumentary by playing a group of incompetent adventurers on a quest to save the world. Players will take turns setting and acting out scenes and also have “confessionals” with the Bard who is documenting their journey.

Players: 3-7
Genre(s): Fantasy, Comedy, Mockumentary
Age Range: Any
Content Warnings: None
Emotional Intensity: 1 – Very silly

The Gaia Project

Facilitated and written by Samantha Nicholls and Jen Hay

The year is 2168, and humanity is taking its first steps beyond the solar system.The Gaia project is the first test of a star drive that will one day take humans into the far reaches of space, beyond the milky way.

At the UNAF academy base in Wales, the 4 strong crew of the SS Gaia, the first crewed vessel to leave the solar system, have just disembarked from their successful first voyage to Alpha Centauri and back. After four months in the smallish vessel they are happy to be back on solid ground.

As they gather to celebrate their success and reunite with friends and family, far across the earth a strange signal is picked up by satellites…

The Gaia Project is the first game in the One Giant Leap series.

Players: 10-14
Genre(s): Sci Fi
Age Range: Any
Content Warnings: None
Intensity Rating: 2 – On the lighter side

Saturday Evening (7pm – 10pm)

The Final Act

Written and facilitated by Stuart Stoddart

Every year, up-and-coming magicians from all over the world gather in Los Angeles to compete for the coveted “Trick Of The Year” award. However, this year’s competition has been set back by one slight problem: The Amazing Marlowe, esteemed magician and head judge of the competition, has been found dead, and all signs point to murder. The doors have been locked, the police have been called, and the contestants and other judges have been barred from leaving until the culprit is found. With an array of master illusionists as suspects, can the case be solved? Or could this all just be one of Marlowe’s wily tricks?

Players: 8-10
Genre(s): Murder Mystery
Age Range: 16+
Content Warnings: Infidelity, murder
Emotional Intensity: 2 – On the lighter side


Written and facilitated by Lee Patrick

Greetings, crew and passengers of the Starship Lethe. We regret to inform you that your cryogenics have failed, and you are now awake. We further regret to inform you that there has been a computer malfunction regarding your memories. Please proceed to the central computer terminal to retrieve your memories. Or someone else’s memories. Frankly, at this point we’re really not sure whose memories are whose, what’s going on, or whose fault the whole thing is. You’re just going to have to sort it out yourselves.

Glitch is a card-based LARP about memory, politics, and identity.

Players: 8-28
Genre(s): Science fiction
Age Range: Any
Content Warnings: None
Emotional Intensity: 3 – Medium – a range of emotions, or serious but not very intense

Sunday Morning (10am – 1pm)

A Bite Out of Crime

Written and facilitated by Lee Patrick

There are only three interesting facts about the small town of Bluddersfield, Lancashire. The first is that it has the lowest crime rate of any town in Britain. The second is that the police force is entirely made up of vampires.

As it turns out, having all the blood sucked out of your body and waking up with pointy teeth and an aversion to sunlight is an excellent crime deterrent. Or at least, it was until a few weeks ago, when some enterprising young waste of oxygen came up with Crackula, a new recreational drug that only affects vampires. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Crackula is visually indistinguishable from cocaine – humans are buying it and getting into fights when it doesn’t work on them, vampires are buying cocaine and getting upset when that doesn’t work on them, the police are just constantly confused, and it’s generally a bad time.

Tonight’s mission, for the brave vampire officers of the Bluddersfield Police, is to bring in the members of a new drug smuggling ring on the very edge of town, and confiscate all of the cocaine, Crackula, and/or icing sugar that they’re attempting to bring into town. If they can just work through all of their many personal conflicts, refrain from biting anyone who doesn’t really, truly deserve it, and navigate the town’s shifting borders, they might just manage to do their jobs.

And that last part is important, because the reason vampires only exist in Bluddersfield is that they can’t cross the town’s borders.

The third interesting fact about Bluddersfield, incidentally, is that its borders are slowly, steadily shrinking. That probably should’ve been a priority for the police department much earlier, but frankly, none of them are any good at their jobs.

In other words, when the town of Bluddersfield decided to employ a police force made entirely of vampires, they probably should’ve expected their new police officers to suck.

Players: 9-11
Genre(s): Comedy, urban fantasy
Age Range: Any
Content Warnings: Drug smuggling and use
Emotional Intensity: 1 – Very silly

Other People

Facilitated by Ciarán Searle
Written by Raph D’Amico

The aliens have won. Humanity will be eaten; the planet, obliterated. But the aliens love keepsakes. They’ve picked your small town to simulate for all eternity as a memento of their conquest. But the simulation keeps collapsing, and the aliens have no interest in an unstable keepsake! They’ve selected a group of you as representatives to suggest some fixes, but if you can’t all agree on which parameters of the simulation to change to make it work, they’ll just consume you and move on. So many worlds to conquer!

Players: 6-12
Genre(s): Sci-fi, Suburban. No costume or pre-casting.
Age Range: Any
Content Warnings: None
Emotional Intensity: 3 – Medium – a range of emotions, or serious but not very intense

Sunday Afternoon (2pm – 5pm)

Same Ship, Different Day

Written and facilitated by Starky

An FTL malfunction has left the freighter Tiberium drifting in space for the last ten years. What dangers will the unfortunate crew face as the ship finally reaches its original destination?

Players: 10
Genre(s): Sci-fi
Age Range: Any
Content Warnings: None
Emotional Intensity: 3 – Medium – a range of emotions, or serious but not very intense

A Will to Murder

Facilitated by Caleb Rippin
Written by Mo Holkar / Freeform Games

A Will to Murder is set in the 1930s in Albion House, a stately dwelling in the small English village of Highthorpe. Albion House belonged to Roy O’Leary – who was murdered yesterday afternoon.

Roy O’Leary was an elderly and wealthy man, and there are several family members who may benefit from his last will and testament. O’Leary’s lawyer has asked the family to gather together at Albion House, the day after the murder, to hear the reading of the will. The police are also present – because the O’Leary family are the prime suspects in the murder case.

Everyone listens respectfully, as the Lawyer reads out the will. The main clause is very simple, as O’Leary must have had a premonition or warning of his dreadful end. The whole of Roy O’Leary’s splendid fortune is left to whoever identifies his murderer!

Players: 6-9
Genre(s): Murder Mystery
Age Range: 16+
Content Warnings: Murder, extra-marital affairs
Emotional Intensity: 2 – On the lighter side