Phoenix 2019 Timetable

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Phoenix 2019 Schedule


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Round One:

  • Best of the Wurst facilitated by Malcolm Harbrow (FULL)
  • Freighter Coralus by Quentin Quentin Bourne
  • Graduation Day by Alys Ututaonga (FULL)
  • UEAF: Class of 2203 by Jen Hay and Sam Nicholls

Round Two:

  • The Sky Like Glass by Lee Patrick (FULL)
  • Reunification by Stuart Stoddart and Jo East
  • The Tower Magi by Tayla Jones

Found Three:

  • The Left Hand by Katia De Lu and Matthew Baird (FULL)
  • Down and Out in Middenburg by Malcolm Harbrow
  • Fallout by Jen Hay (FULL)

Found Four:

  • Welcome to the Neighborhood by Lee Patrick

Round Five:

  • The Constanta Blockade facilitated by Donna Giltrap
  • Your Last Day Here by Tayla Jones and Ethan Gullery
  • Path Through Purgatory by CiarĂ¡n Searle (FULL)

Round Six:

  • The Gaia Project by Jen Hay and Sam Nicholls
  • Magic in the Air by Ian Bayard and Stuart Stoddart (FULL)
  • Le Streghe by Summer Jolly
  • Company of Devils by Quentin Bourne (FULL)