Phoenix 2019 Player Registration

Player Registration for Phoenix 2019 is now open!


Hungry Shark Week is the first week of player registration, during this time players are not sorted into games until the 10th. This gives everyone in the first week of player registration an equal opportunity to be sorted into as many of their top picked games as possible. While it is Hungry Shark Week, you have the option of picking a game as a ‘star pick’ this is the game you absolutely do not want to miss out on, and will be the game you are sorted into first. We do have some games with low player numbers, so there is a slight possibility if a lot of people star pick that game, some people may have to miss out. If this occurs we will be in contact with you to immediately place you in another star pick game of your choosing.

After Hungry Shark Week ends, game allocations for players who signed up during that week will be sent out to players and GMs by the 16th along with cost and payment details. If you are registering after Hungry Shark week ends, game allocations will be sent out to players and GMs weekly on a Sunday. We will not be able to guarantee you get into your first picked games as games will start to fill up. We will attempt to keep the form up to date with regards to what games are full, but we may miss things.

This is a rather long form, it has parts for food, accommodation, and transport needs as well as the game selection form. Please bear with us, this was the easiest way of organising everything.