Phoenix 2018 Timetable

Game Selection:

Round One (Friday 7pm-10pm):

The Freighter Coralus by Quentin Bourne

Players: 8 – GAME FULL

Genre: Sci-Fi

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings: Character Death

You are the crew of the Coralus, a rickety old freighter carrying much needed relief supplies to a settlement on the planet Ithaca, which has been cut off by ion storms for the past year. You work for the Galactic Relief Foundation, a grand name for an organization which very much fails to live up to it. You’re really just a handful of ancient ships who make runs to deliver donated goods to settlements in need.

Half an hour ago, your Maintenance AI warned you the ship’s power core was over heating. You scrambled to shut everything down so you could wait for repairs, but something overloaded before you could manage. Twenty minutes ago, the Maintenance AI told you that the engine room had flooded with radiation, and all bulkheads have been sealed for your protection because the radiation would otherwise kill you in a matter of hours.

Two minutes ago, the Maintenance AI informed you that safety protocols had failed catastrophically and that the only way to prevent the ship from being blown into space dust was for one crew member to manually vent the engines while another manually shuts them down at the same time. The implications are not lost on you: for everyone else on the ship to survive, two of you must die. The AI informs you that you have two hours until the engine explodes. You have two hours to decide.


The Last Day of Pompeii by Lee Patrick

Players: 9

Genre: Storytelling/Introspective

Intensity: 5/5 (extremely intense)

Content Warnings: Substance abuse, mental illness, terminal illness, suicide, child death

Pompeii, 2025. The volcano is about to explode, and nine strangers have come here to die.

Pompeii has been evacuated. The city is empty. In these last hours before the eruption, the last nine living souls in Pompeii have gathered to tell their stories, to each other and to Death. Nine emotionally broken people have come together, to find understanding, to justify their choices, or just to make peace with their deaths.

The Last Day of Pompeii is a storytelling game about confronting mortality, and finding meaning in death, and ultimately finding the fate you deserve.


A Royal Celebration by John Kim, Facilitated by Summer Jolly

Players: 18-20 – GAME FULL

Genre: Fantasy Comedy

Intensity: 1/5

Content Warnings: N/A

The crown prince of Florin is due to be married to the daughter of their greatest enemy. The kingdom prepares to rejoice in a celebration of impending peace. Behind the scenes, though, the castle is buzzing with rumors that disguised pirates are among the guests.

This is a comedic fantasy larp, in the spirit of The Princess Bride with nods to A Midsummer Night’s Dream along with Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There is real intrigue and adventure, but also outrageous talents and improbable plot contrivances.

Round Two (Saturday 9am-12pm):

The D-Team by Mutu

Players: 15

Genre: Comedy/’Super’ Heroes

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings: Some characters have personality issues which may result in very inappropriate behaviour.

You are the Faux Pass superhero reserve support team, aka The D-Team. You don’t get the glory and may not have superpowers that are better than… than not having superpowers, but you’re ready for action if everyone else should fall. It’s absolutely NOT a support group for losers and wannabes who due to worse than useless abilities or mental and emotional problems could never be effective superheroes. Definitely not. The circle during the meeting proper is just practical. Tea and coffee are provided too!

A very lighthearted non-contact LARP for 15 players.


The Final Voyage of the SS Prometheus by Sam Nicholls and Jen Hay

Players: 8-15

Genre: Sci-Fi

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings: Romance, robots, terminal illness

The year is 2198. Humans have been traversing the vast expanse of space for 50 years. When she was commissioned the SS Prometheus was considered a top of the line science and exploration vessel.

Now 20 years and numerous modifications later she is set to be decommissioned after one final voyage. Veteran Captain James Robinson has been in command of the Prometheus since her maiden voyage and is looking forward to this final run with his loyal crew.


Pretty Little Cultists by Lee Patrick

Players: 13 – GAME FULL

Genre: Suburban Lovecraftian Comedy

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings: Substance abuse (including non-consensual drug use), very mild implied incest

Welcome to Rosevale, a small town somewhere in the US where money and status are literally life and death. Well, afterlife, anyway. In Rosevale, the eldritch entity behind the town’s prosperity controls the afterlives of its citizens, and the more wealth and especially social status you accumulate in life, the nicer your afterlife will be. Turns out in Rosevale, you can take it with you.

Naturally, this has turned almost everyone who lives in Rosevale into stuck-up, elitist, status-obsessed suburban nightmares. The town is a seething pit of dysfunction, manipulation and terrible, terrible people… and that’s without even getting into the human sacrifices.

Come explore the dark side of suburbia, where the thousand-tentacled eldritch abomination isn’t nearly as nasty as the soccer moms.

Round Three (Saturday 2pm-5pm):

UEAF: Class of 2203 by Sam Nicholls and Jen Hay

Players: 11-15 – GAME FULL

Genre: Psychological Sci-fi

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings: Relationship drama, possible character death, psychological manipulation

The year is 2203. You have just finished basic training and are en route with your fellow cadets to Jupiter Station, where you will live and train for the next three years. Barring any… unfortunate… incidents, at the end of those three years you will graduate, a fully fledged member of the United Earth Air Force and, hopefully, assigned an active post in your chosen field.

But first, you have to make it through this shuttle voyage without strangling any of your classmates.

This game is set in the same universe as the Final Voyage of the SS. Prometheus run at Phoenix 2017 and Cerberus 2018.


Red Tape by Sandra Duggan, Facilitated by Summer Jolly

Players: 10 – GAME FULL

Genre: Cosmic Office Comedy

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings: N/A

Located on the outskirts of time and space lies the “office”. Assigned to the “Earth Department”, the workers here deal with very much mundane tasks like pretending that evolution happened, making sure that tides move, and much more. However, when they become bored of these small tasks, that is where the real fun begins. A sneaky bugger, called Fred Wilson the department head, was monitoring the time space continuum and thought that this whole idea of communism might help the Office, function better. Now everyone has been assigned to “Project Mao” in order to discuss the major benefits and drawbacks of this new way of working. Let the madness ensue.


Extinguishing the Light of Reason by Edward Stutters

Players: 12-20

Genre: Drama

Intensity: 4

Content Warnings: Abuse, religion, victimisation, insanity, academia.

Every year since the Fall, the great London Colleges of Summerset and Benthic meet to exchange research, inform the public of the great importance of their work and, naturally, argue each other into a stupor. This year is no exception and the topic has been decided based on several major breakthroughs in Experimental Psychology – a Device will be present to prevent the unfortunate occurrences of madness which normally plague this kind of meeting. This ranges from unexpected explosions and infestations of weasels to, in one very memorable year, an unexpected explosion of weasels.

Weasels have been banned for a start.


The conference promises to be most productive yet.

Round Four (Saturday 7pm-10pm):

Blackfyre Rising by Kristen and Jamey Patten, Facilitated by Malcolm, Donna and Daena

Flagship LARP

Players: 40

Genre: Fantasy/Game of Thrones

Content Warnings: Romance, betrayal, murder, exploitative or coercive sexual relationships, incest, religion, slavery

“Some old dead king gave a sword to one son instead of another. That was the start of it.”

In Westeros, the Targaryens rule the Six Kingdoms, as they have since they came with their dragons to conquer, bringing fire and blood. King Aegon Targaryen IV is dead, and on his deathbed has decreed all of his bastards to be legitimate heirs to the throne. His only legitimate son, Daeron II, has assumed the Iron Throne, but the length of his new reign is anything but certain. The Great Houses have called their banners and marched to King’s Landing, and it remains to be seen whether they come to swear fealty, or to plunge the Six Kingdoms into bitter war. Now, Gods, stand up for bastards!

Set in the world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, a century before the events of A Game of Thrones, Blackfyre Rising is a game of politics and romance, chivalry and treachery, bastardy and baseness, the bonds of blood and the will to power, and perhaps a touch of magic. There will be great lords and ladies (both honorable and treacherous), knights, holy men and women, wise maesters, noble hostages, and more people with claims to the throne than is probably healthy.


A Wolf by Any Other Name by Maury Brown and Ben Morrow, Facilitated by Jen Hay

Players: 6+

Genre: Fantasy/New World Magischola/Wizards (modern)

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings: N/A

You are all students at New World Magischola, a wizard college. For various reasons you have found yourself in detention on the night of the full moon. Some of the students are secretly werewolves, hiding their condition in order to attend the college. If they don’t collect the ingredients they need to create the Rumulus Lunar Shield potion before moonrise, their transformation into a beast will out their condition and endanger everyone else. They could get hurt or killed, hurt or kill a friend, or worse…be expelled.

Your all stuck in detention together. Will you protect, assist or betray a friend? An enemy?

Round Five (Sunday 9am-12pm)

Mad Winter Christmas by Sally Hayes

Players: 11-13

Genre: Family Comedy

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings: Homophobic and generally incorrect relatives, cringe, mid-life crises, mild drug use, pregnancy

You are attending a mid-winter Christmas party with your in-laws. It’s August, you’re wearing a snowman jersey and you couldn’t work out if you were supposed to bring a present. How did they find crackers at this time of year? Did they steal the tree from someone’s back yard? Did … Did they record last years Christmas TV to play endlessly in the background? Time for a nice ten minute stint in the bathroom… Oh. Someone else had the same idea. Well then.


The Kuros Intercept by Tony Mitton and AJ SMith, Facilitated by Donna Giltrap

Players: 15

Genre: Sci-Fi

Intensity: 3/5

Content Warnings: Terminal illness. Back story includes Slavery, Addiction

Two ships rendezvous far out on the edge of the Rim. This is empty space, yet somebody has specified the coordinates precisely. Passengers and crew of both ships have their own secrets and agendas, and not everybody will make it back to inhabited space.

The Kouros Intercept is a system-light, fairly hard science fiction game inspired by a long-cancelled Joss Whedon show, and is the fourth game in the increasingly diverse Kestrel Series. Some of the characters are from previous games, but many are not – and no prior knowledge is expected or required.

The game background has some dark themes, but this episode is reasonably light.


Graduation Day by Donna Giltrap, Facilitated by Chloe Sutherland

Players: 9

Genre: Magical University Intrigue

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings: N/A

The independent city-state of Tourmaline is ruled by the wizards of the White College. Prince Ambrose, the younger son of the King of neighbouring Arlandia, was sent to the White College to receive a gentleman’s education. To the surprise of many he actually passed his final exams. Today Prince Ambrose is holding the traditional graduation feast to honour the College Masters.


Tears of Heaven by Ciarán Searle

Players: 5-6 – GAME FULL

Genre: Fantasy, Walking

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings: Grief, sustained physical activity

Note: This is a game that is intended to have a significant amount of walking. This is the part of the fantasy story that isn’t usually told: the large amounts of relatively uneventful travel by foot. As such, this game is more focused on your relationship with your companions than on action and heroics.

You are part of an adventuring party, making their way to the Tears of Heaven, a waterfall that is said to fall all the way from the celestial plane. Your party recently fought and defeated a powerful lich, whose phylactery is now in the possession of the fighter. It is said that the Tears of Heaven are the only way to destroy the phylactery, the waters being pure enough to dissolve the foul magics surrounding it.

Your battle against the lich was fierce and Edren the paladin, leader of your party, was slain.

Though your greatest foe is defeated, for now, their undead horde has been amassing around the Tears of Heaven. Even if you reach your destination, victory is not assured.

Round Six (Sunday 1pm-4pm)

Blackened Hearts by Matthew Karabache, Facilitated by Quentin Bourne

Players: 8-15

Genre: Pirate

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings: N/A

The story so far…

It is a fine day for larceny upon the high seas indeed! The Devil hisself must have blest the crew of the Black Kraken with his own luck—how else could it be that you would happen upon the fat Spanish treasure galleon the Urca de Lima, separated from her escort and crippled by one of the worst storms that ever scoured the ocean? Then again, even in these most favourable circumstances, the Spaniards fought long and hard before you finally took her. The Urca de Lima now trails behind you, a small prize crew doing what they can to keep her limping along just long enough to get to the port of Tortuga.

It’s been clear sailing all week all the way back to Tortuga—almost suspiciously easy-going and peaceful, in fact—and without much to do the crew’s been going stir-crazy thinking about how they’ll spend their ill-gotten rewards. In fact, the Captain’s arranged for an early share of the loot to be divided amongst the crew. Those who aren’t needed to sail the ship are able to enjoy the rest of the evening with a little bit of early gambling and drinking, so everyone is in high spirits. All that’s left now is to enjoy the rest of the evening as you coast into port, and maybe swindle some of your fellows out of their share.

Wait, what’s all this about a curse?


Your Last Day Here by Tayla Jones and Ethan Gullery

Players: 7-14

Gnere: Zombie Survival Drama

Intensity: 3/5

Content Warnings: Death, zombies, weaponry.

“Emergency broadcast. Emergency broadcast. Evacuation of New York City. Docks, airports, tunnels, and bridges closed. Rooftop retrieval only. Send your coordinates on this frequency between 2100 and 2110 hours. Transportation to ship in open waters. Do not approach the dead. Bitten personnel will not be accepted onto rescue transports. Fuel low. This will be our last transport. If you do not make it: Godspeed.”

You are a group of survivors in New York City. You’ve fought your way through the hordes of the undead to the nearest skyscraper: the Elite Protoscience building. Hoping to find a radio transmitter here to send a signal to the emergency transports, you barricaded yourselves inside with the horde gathering outside. Can you find the radio, call for help and escape before you are overrun?


Muscle Mayhem by Stuart Stoddart

Players: 8-12

Genre: Pro-Wrestling (Drama, Comedy)

Intensity: 3/5

Content Warnings: Drug abuse, public speaking/performing

For years the American Pro-Wrestling scene has been dominated by two titans: The West Coast Wrestling Company (WCWC) and East Coast Epic Wrestling (ECEW). However, ECEW recently lost its two biggest stars when one jumped ship to WCWC and the other suffered a major injury. Now ECEW is in peril, and it looks like the wrestling wars are about to come to an end.

But from strife comes opportunity. ECEW is planning one last major show to save its brand, and needs new talent to fill the gaps. The performers who have been stuck on the bottom of the roster finally have a chance to shine. Some will be looking to shoot to the top of the ECEW lineup – others simply want a chance to show off so that they can get a better offer when ECEW goes bust. But with clashing desires and old grudges threatening to rear their ugly head, can the cast and crew pull themselves together to save the company from extinction?

This is a game about playing performers in the world of Professional Wrestling. Both wrestling and non-wrestling roles will be available. Players will NOT actually be wrestling beyond simple miming. The focus will be on the drama: the melodrama of on-stage performance, the real-life drama behind the scenes, and the way the line between the two can become blurred. This game is equally open to long-time wrestling fans and those who have no idea how it works – there will be an intro at the start of the game to cover what you need to know.