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Phoenix is SAGA Inc’s annual, rapidly growing, Live Action Roleplaying convention. It’s an entire weekend of LARPs of various genres and sizes. LARPing is great fun, suitable for anyone, and involves telling stories by acting them out – it’s like improv, theatre, and tabletop all rolled into one where the audience is you and the script appears as you make it up!

Player Registration Now Open!

Phoenix 2018

24 August (5:00pm) – 26 August (5:00pm) 2018

Venue Venue: Waiara Adventure Centre, 137 Darnley Rd, Glasnevin. map

Event Page: Facebook Event

Cost: $85 for the con, food and accommodation, $55 for the con and accommodation. If you don’t need food and/or accommodation let us know and we will work out a reduced cost for you. We are offering a $5 discount to SAGA/NZLARPS members, and further discounts for GMs and kitchen helpers.

Christchurch’s annual LARP convention is back!

Unfortunately, we were unable to book Glenroy Lodge again, but we have a new location, with bigger LARP spaces! We have booked the William Smith Complex of the Waipara Adventure Centre, and have access to the Training Room and Lounge of the Stedfast Lodge.

Our Flagship this year is “A Game of Thrones: Blackfyre Rising”, written by Kristen and James Patten, and facilitated by Malcolm, Donna, and Daena.