Phoenix Timetable 2017

Session Times

Session One: Friday 7pm – late

Session Two: Saturday 9am – 12pm

Sesstion Three: Saturday 1pm – 4pm

Session Four: (Flagship) Saturday 7pm – late

Session Five: Sunday 9am – 12pm

Session Six: Sunday 9am – 12pm

Clean-up: Sunday 4pm – 5pm

Round 1 (Friday Night)

Longest Night, by Quentin Bourne

Players: 8 – 11

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings: Sadness

Once a year on the longest night ghosts with unfinished business can manifest on the mortal plane. A psychic invites a small group of people to their home this year to try to help the ghosts resolve their business.

Baby It’s Cold Outside, by Carla Bayard

Players: 13

Intensity: /5

Content Warnings:

Wintering over in the Antarctic is a real test of sanity.

Tensions between the Scientists and the Staff have been rising as things continue to go wrong with the international base and the experiments. There’s not much to do except drink or fuck, and some have been over indulging. Try to enjoy the sunrise celebration after months of darkness.

Luckily, some of you will get to go home on the first flight out tomorrow.

Happily Never After, by Lee Patrick

Players: 6-12

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings: You’re all terrible people

Happily Never After is a melodramatic black comedy about fairy tale characters whose lives fell apart once their happy endings wore off. Prince Charming can’t stay faithful, Cinderella’s getting a divorce, the Big Bad Wolf can’t shake his criminal convictions, Snow White’s in crippling debt – and they’ve only got two group therapy sessions to pull themselves together and get their lives back on track.

Round 2 (Saturday morning)

Pretending to Be Witty, by Brendon Bennetts

Players: 10 – 18

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings:

We’ve all been there: you’re in a LARP, and you realise that now is the perfect time for a flirtatious line or a stinging comeback but… nothing.

In this workshop Brendon* will teach you all the tricks he has learned to make people think you are witty and clever even when you feel like you aren’t. You’ll then get a chance to put these skills into practice with a short LARP entitled ‘The Adventures of the Very Witty People’ in which you will take on the role of Courtiers who must seduce, banter, philosophize, and insult their way to glory. Everything you need for the LARP will be provided on the day.

*Brendon is an improviser, playwright, and comedian who has had to trick people into thinking he is funny professionally for about 15 years.

The Paragon’s Peril, by Daniel Starky

Players: 10

Intensity: 3/5

Content Warnings: Mind control, murder

Titan, the most stalwart defender of The Paragon League, has fallen. After his funeral, the four remaining members of the League discuss their future, along with six potential new members.

The Omega Delivery, by Tony Milton and AJ Smith, run by Donna Giltrap

Players: 14

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings:

Lucky Federal Investigation Office agents get some great postings. Maybe they’ll travel the galaxy hunting down Freedom Alliance terrorists; seduce co-eds with heroic tales whilst on the milk round; bravely protect Federation citizens from gangster scum; or get close protection duty for a retired President living in luxury on a Greek island.

Unlucky – or out of favour – FIO agents get assignments like Omega Station. It’s in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing to do; and – with the base’s long-term inhabitants theoretically off limits – nobody to talk to save a few similarly out of favour colleagues.

Really unlucky FIO agents end up somewhere like Omega in a situation like this one. Why worry the base is going to go nuclear in five hours, when you’ll be dead from CO2 poisoning in less than two? And why is the beaten-up freighter just arriving with your regular delivery – and perhaps rescue – not the ship you were expecting?

The Omega Delivery is a fairly downbeat science-fiction game loosely based on an increasingly-distant Joss Whedon TV show. It is set in the Linfarn Universe and a sequel to The Linfarn Run and The Koenig Dead, although no knowledge of previous games is required or expected.

Round 3 (Saturday afternoon)

Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, by Malcolm Harbrow

Players: 8 – 11

Intensity: 1/5

Content Warnings: Deceit, mild social bullying

A larp adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, “Emma”.

Mr Knightly is throwing a garden party at Donwell Abbey! He has invited all the local gentry — the Woodhouses, the Westons, Reverend Elton, even poor Jane Fairfax — to attend and pick strawberries in the sun.

Jane Austen’s Emma is a live-action roleplaying game for eleven players and an organiser, adapted from the Jane Austen novel of the same name. Very basic familiarity with the plot and characters is useful for the players, but not essential, and the ultimate outcome will be up to the players. Expected play time is two hours.

Fool’s Gambit, by Matt Swain

Players: 18 – 28

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings: Historical sexism, enforced gender roles, this game has direct references to, and experiences with, World War II, the Nazi party, and the Holocaust. These themes are not a major part of the game, but they are a major part of some characters. It is possible to play a character which has no connection to these subjects

Helsinki, Finland: August 1968. The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (which history will remember as the starting point for the SALT I treaty) are being planned. High level diplomats from the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc are meeting with their counterparts from NATO to determine the extent of the upcoming talks. Everything and everyone is not as they seem, however. There are spies, suspected double agents, and under the table deals to be done. In addition, talks are planned to discuss the mysterious disappearance of no less than four submarines in the last 8 months, from all invited nations. Can you secure the best negotiating position for your country for the upcoming talks? And more importantly, what will it cost you – and your nation – to obtain that position?

A 28 player larp in the vein of the spy novels of John Le Carre (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, A Most Wanted Man, the Night Manager) and movies such as “Bridge of Spies”, “The Recruit” and “Spy Game”. A slow burn game of immense personal risk, set in the bleakness of the Cold War.

Round 4 (Saturday night, flagship)

The Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Selling Haunted Items, by Chloe Sutherland

Content Warnings: Ghost/Demon possession

Got a chandelier that flickers erratically every time someone enter the parlour? In the market for a possessed Ouija board keep you company? Sick of your daughter’s porcelain doll continually waking you up with the sounds of fire and maniacal laughter?

Then, head on down to a supernaturally special event at the Salem Auction House!

Round 5 (Sunday morning)

The Dreamatorium/LARPs on Demand, framework by Angus Dingwall, run by Rackle

Players: 5 – 8

Intensity: 3/5

Content Warnings:

LARP ON DEMAND: Players will work together to choose a genre and setting everyone is happy with. Guided by the facilitator, we will make up themes / issues and character archetypes and build the frameworks of relationships. Then, we play to flesh out the characters and find out what happens!

Previous LOD’s have included;

  • The emotionally intense thriller of MURDER on an arctic base
  • Dramedy corporate espionage on a time machine that crashed into the past
  • An emergency at Hogwarts, full of teenage angst and unrequited crushes

The game is fairly improvvy, but don’t feel intimidated if you’re new – the facilitator will guide you through creating the setting together. The end result is that you get to smoothly slip into a game that you have a real investment in (and that you don’t have to memorize a lot of unfamiliar info for) – which can lead to an interestingly natural and cool play experience.

This game usually defaults to a sort of PGish level to suit everyone since everything is decided by the players; content limits and emotional intensity will be whatever everyone is comfortable with on the day.

Persephone’s Choice, by Malcolm Harbrow

Players: 13

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings:

Millennia ago, at the dawn of the Atomic age, humanity developed the Positronic robot. With the help of these benevolent servants, they settled fifty worlds. The Spacer worlds were paradises, free of war, free of disease, free of want, their citizens’ every need cared for by an army of robotic servants. Earth became an overpopulated hive, its population huddling in their caves of steel, rejecting robots and the higher living standards they could provide.

But a century ago, after a thousand years of looking inwards, Earth established new colonies — without the use of robots. These new “Settler” worlds have sparked a technological and economic boom, and are already challenging the might of the Spacers. War could follow.

But there is also a chance for peace. Environmental collapse on the Spacer world of Persephone will force its population to relocate within decades. An economic crisis on the Settler world of Echo means that it needs more people for its terraforming project to succeed. Can Spacers and Settlers overcome their differences and find a way to work together? Or will both worlds have to be abandoned?

Persephone’s Choice is a retro-SF larp for 13 players set in the universe of Isaac Asimov’s famous robot stories. The players will portray diplomats, scientists, and robots as they debate Persephone’s — and humanity’s — future. It is inspired by the larp Persephone’s Gift by Daniel Kane and the MIT Assassins Guild.

The Final Voyage of the SS Prometheus, by Samantha Nicholls

Players: 18

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings: Romance, death, blackmail, identity crisis

The year is 2198. Humans have been traversing the vast expanse of space for 50 years.

When she was commissioned the SS Prometheus was considered a top of the line science and exploration vessel. Now 20 years and numerous modifications later she is set to be decommissioned after one final voyage. Veteran Captain James Robinson has been in command of the Prometheus since her maiden voyage and is looking forward to this final run with his loyal crew.

Round 6 (Sunday afternoon)

It Ain’t Easy Being Gilled, by Anna Klein, run by Jennifer Hay

Players: 10

Intensity: 2/5

Content Warnings: Sex stuff (very minor)

Remember high school? All the angst, the drama, the rebellion, the gossip, the crushes, the homework, the exams, scholarships, careers, family obligations, fashion, music, and being very misunderstood?

It’s no different when you’re a student at Innsmouth High School. Well, all right, maybe it’s a little different – maybe in other towns they don’t go skinny dipping at Devil’s Reef, maybe other teenagers don’t have arranged marriages with Deep Ones to worry about and maybe other teenagers don’t have to think about how their gills suit the latest looks in Cosmo. But other than that, it’s not much different being a teenager in a decaying town trapped in an ongoing alliance with a race of underwater monsters.

A group of ten friends are having a small party to celebrate their graduation – to reflect on the last few years, to talk about the future, and maybe resolve some of those unresolved feuds or unspoken crushes.

A comedy LARP for ten players. As they say at Innsmouth High – it’s only funny until someone gets sacrificed to Dagon. Then it’s HILARIOUS…

S.W.I.P.E. – Symbiotes Will Inherit Planet Earth, by Ciaran Searle

Players: 16

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings: Romance, identity, politics

For aeons, the Drik have repeated the process. We find a new world and embed our formless selves within the minds of a number of its inhabitants. We wait and when the time is right we heed the call of the Mothership to ready her approach.

Our latest target: the planet Earth. The groundwork has been laid. We few have melded with a select group of humans. We learned their ways, hid ourselves in their everyday lives and were ready for the call. It has now been one Earth year.

This time, the call did not come…

Small Town Folks, by Peaky Games (Tracy Bose, Rob Harris, Mo Holkar, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden and Cat Tobin), run by Sally Hayes

Players: 12

Intensity: 4/5

Content Warnings: Sexual themes, incest, PTSD, small spaces, storm sounds, drug abuse, rampant anti-communism, animal abuse

Macy, Nebraska, 1962 – a small town like any other. But when the hurricane approaches, twelve people are trapped in an underground bunker. As the storm rages overhead, tensions rise, secrets spill, and long-buried rivalries erupt. If they survive the tempest, the lives of these small-town folks will never be the same again…