LARP Campaign: Contact

Contact: A LARP Mini-Campaign

by Lee Patrick

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A mysterious and deadly plague has struck New Zealand. No one knows what’s causing the illness, or how it’s spreading. Quarantine zones have been set up in every major city. The sick, and those suspected to be sick, are being locked away. For whatever reason, you’re trapped in the Christchurch quarantine zone – maybe you’re sick; maybe you’re caring for the sick; maybe you want the outside world to know exactly what’s going on behind the government cordons.

Whatever your reason for entering the quarantine zone, you’ll be dealing with the consequences of your decision to enter, and your decisions once you’re inside, for the rest of your life.

Look on the bright side, though – you’re in an active quarantine zone. The rest of your life probably won’t be too long.

CONTACT is a LARP about hard decisions and facing mortality. It will run over 4 fortnightly Wednesday sessions, from 1st March to 12th April. Each session will be approximately 3 hours long.

It shall be held at Kirkwood village map here, the specifics will be confirmed soon.

Sign-up and character creation for Session 1 is here.

Sign-ups for Session 2 will go live on March 3rd.

For those of you on Slack, there’s a Slack channel! Join us here.

If you have any questions about character creation/game mechanics/general life decisions, chuck them in Slack.