Buckets of Dice 2017


02 June 2017 – 05 June 2017

Venue: Wheki, University of Canterbury College of Education Building, CHRISTCHURCH map.

Registration: Google Form

Cost: $20 Entire Event or $10 Day. $5 discount for GMs or SAGA members

Event Page: Facebook Event


Buckets of Dice is the South Island’s premier gaming convention, it’s three days of boardgaming, role playing and LARPing! There are plenty of prizes to be won, including a New GM prize, so come and give GMing a go, submit a game here.

We have lots lined up this year including:

  • Vault of the Dracolitch:

Calling all heroes – your aid is required in recovering the Diamond Staff from evil forces. Time is short for they are close to unleashing the artifact’s full destructive power.

  • The Storm – written by Quentin Bourne:

Travelers from countless worlds who walk the paths between universes often take shelter at the Inn of World’s End while reality storms rage outside.

  • The Lark Rises:

The Lark Rises is a tactical parlour LARP for somewhere between 20 and 25 people, based loosely on the mechanics and scenario of the party game The Resistance. Players are members of a clandestine resistance cell in a dystopian future, planning and undertaking missions in order to destabilise the ruling government.

  • Mansfield with Monsters:

Wellington 1918. It has been many months since the dread Haitian Flu arrived in New Zealand. Tens of thousands have died, if not from the flu itself then from the deprivations of those who succumbed to the disease only to rise from the grave with an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

  • And our Grand Strat – The Colour of Credits:

Set in the Android Universe (Netrunner/Android/Infiltration) in the city of New Angeles this game will have you being part of small team attempting to complete objectives. You will either be working for one of the 4 major corporations, or one of 3 hacker factions. Within the team you will take on roles that will make deals, lobby politicians, navigate cyberspace and/or enter the criminal underworld. You will also need to work with or against other teams to come out ahead.