Buckets of Dice 2019

31st May – 3rd June 2019


Hell is for Children – A LARP by Keegan Meiklejohn

You have been in Limbo for … well, you’re not sure, it’s Limbo. Nothing really changes. Sure, new souls show up now and then but mostly it’s the same crowd, the same grey landscape, the same bleak towns, the same endless foggy dusk. Sometimes you break the monotony by returning to Earth. But you always find yourself back here, no memories of your time on Earth.

But, something has finally changed! The Lord of Endless Mist has called for a ball, and rumour has it that they intend to give the mantle of Limbo to someone new … that could be you! Regardless, you know that you should at least make an appearance.

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Rehua, New Education Building, University of Canterbury


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Cost: $20 Entire Event or $10 Day

$5 discount for GMs or SAGA members

Pay in cash on the day or using online banking.

More information to come.

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**Buckets of Dice** is the South Island’s premier gaming convention. It’s three days of board gaming, role playing and LARPing! There are plenty of prizes to be won, including a New GM prize, so come and give GMing a go.