Buckets of Dice 2018


01 June 2018 – 04 June 2018

Venue: Wheki, University of Canterbury College of Education Building, CHRISTCHURCH (Map).

Registration: Pre-registration is now closed

Cost: $20 Entire Event or $10 Day.
$5 discount for GMs or SAGA members.

Pay in cash on the day or using online banking by Thursday 31st May

Account: 38-9012-0625981-02

Ref: BoDfee


Event Page: Facebook Event


Buckets of Dice is the South Island’s premier gaming convention, it’s three days of boardgaming, role playing and LARPing! There are plenty of prizes to be won, including a New GM prize, so come and give GMing a go. Game submissions are now closed, but you can still run a game in the “Games on Demand” room. We have lots lined up this year including:

  • D&D Flagship- Murder She Wroat:

DMs: Declan, Quentin, Robert, Sam, and Stanley. The Queen of Wroat is dead, her soul locked in the royal vault, her killer sits on her throne. Recover her soul, assassinate the despot, and escape into the sunrise in Murder She Wroat: a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy heist for 20 players.

  • Flagship Larp- Lazarus Skye:

Written and GMed by John Massie, Keegan Meiklejohn and Daniel Starky A missing child, a coming storm, and other assorted mysteries in a small town in Maine in the 1980s. Based on Stranger Things and all the stuff it stole from. 40 players.

  • Our Grand Strat – The Colour of Credits:

Designed and Facilitated by Matt Smith. A “Grand Strat” or “Grand Strategy game” is a large scale, multifaceted board game typically designed to be played in teams over an extended period of time. If you enjoy planning, strategising, negotiating and collaborating, you will love this.

  • And Dungeons & Comedians:

A live, improvised performance. Tickets to be purchased separately- Here