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UPDATE (2021-02-25): Saga is restarting March 2 and 4 with Intro Nights, RPG campaigns will hopefully start from the following week.

UPDATE (2021-02-28):
We will still be running our Intro Nights at Level 2. Everyone that attends will be required to fill in an attendance register; either google form or pen & paper. The building itself has Covid Tracer codes at the entrances, we advise those be used as well.
Should anyone not want to attend due to concerns about the increased alert, memberships etc. can be dealt with at a later date.

What is this place?

SAGA Inc. is the University of Canterbury’s hobby gaming club. According to our constitution, the aim of SAGA is “to encourage the hobby of gaming, including but not limited to role-playing games, wargames, board games, and card games, and to aid its members in the pursuit of these hobbies.” SAGA is a social club where you can meet other people who share the same interests as you.

What do SAGA members do?

SAGA is mainly a Role-Playing and Board-Gaming club, although our members are likely to be into similar hobbies such as Wargaming and Collectible Card Games. Twice each week we meet to catch up and play games. The length and scope of the RPG can vary depending on what you’re looking for, be it a fun one-off game or a campaign that takes a year or two to complete. The board games vary from 30 minutes or less to all night games. We also have occasional LARPs (live-action roleplaying) throughout year. These are usually during Mini-Cons and our major conventions, but may occasionally be held at regular SAGA meetings or as special one-off events.

In addition to our regular, twice-weekly meetings, we have other events throughout the year such as our quarterly Mini-Cons, our largest gaming weekend, Buckets of Dice, and our LARP convention Phoenix.

Where do you meet?

Jack Erskine Building on the Main Campus of UC, Room 244, 6pm-10pm every Tuesday and Thursday through the university year. Any temporary changes should be posted on the Facebook page.

What does SAGA provide?

SAGA provides, first and foremost, an opportunity to meet up with gamers, but that’s not all we offer. The club also has a large and growing stock of role-playing and board games available for its members to either play or borrow. To borrow them, please contact the quartermaster.

The committee is always open to suggestions as to new purchases, so if a particular game caught your eye last time you were in the hobby store, feel free to tell us.

How much does it cost?

SAGA’s membership fee is $5 per year. This gets you the following:

  • Discounted access to SAGA’s two major conventions: *Buckets of Dice*, our largest annual gaming convention, and *Phoenix*, our annual LARP convention.
  • Licence to attend any SAGA event during the year of membership (with no additional fee expected for events other than Buckets and Phoenix).
  • Access to SAGA’s board games and roleplaying games.

For more information on any of these deals, please talk to a member of the committee.

What events should I look forward to?

In addition to the regular nights, SAGA hosts a number of one-off events. Our annual convention, Buckets of Dice, takes place at Queens Birthday weekend and has drawn gamers from all over the country. Phoenix, our annual LARP convention, has grown large enough that we have now moved to a camp ground and is also attracting LARPers from all over New Zealand.

Our Mini-Cons are smaller, friendlier, less structured events designed mainly for SAGA members, with role-playing games usually coordinated through our “Looking for Group” page, and boardgames available throughout the Con. There may sometimes also be a LARP. Mini-Cons are free for SAGA members; a small cost of a gold coin donation per event day attended is asked of non-members. We expect the Mini-Cons and Buckets of Dice to take place in the Rehua building.

How do I keep up with the club?

SAGA Inc. is coordinated mainly through its weekly meetings and the Facebook page. There you can also find a link to our mailing list, which we will use to notify members of upcoming events.

We also have a “Looking for Group” Facebook group which you can use to get in touch with other members for coordinating games.

Finally, we have a Discord channel where you can hang out and chat with other members.

How do I get in contact with you?

Please feel free to email us with any questions, concerns or suggestions:

President: president@saga.org.nz

Secretary: secretary@saga.org.nz

Promotions: promotions@saga.org.nz

Quartermaster: quartermaster@saga.org.nz

Treasurer: treasurer@saga.org.nz

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